Breeding fEMALES


20 Registered SimAngus™ cows for sale privately. Cows are 6-9 years old and guaranteed sound. Preg-checked and
guaranteed bred to start calving in September. Service sire is ASA registration
#3404926 a son of S D S Graduate x TJ Sharper Image.

A. I. Sires represented include:
Built Right, Dual Focus, Final Choice, Goldmine, Mo Magic, Rookie, Sharper Image, Upgrade

Priced at $1,750 each





We want to breed cattle with balanced EPD’s not “est’s.”  We don’t want the largest, tallest, shortest, thickest or anything else that ends in “est” to describe our cattle.  We select and breed for optimums.  We don’t breed for extremes!

We believe that a sound, preventative herd health program will result in a strong healthy immune system.  We guarantee the cattle when they leave our place and we stand behind them. 

We strive to produce commercial bulls and replacement females that will work for their new owners and thus result in repeat customers.

While most of our cattle are sold as breeding animals, along with a few show animals, we are ever mindful that the consumer expects a good eating experience when he orders beef from the menu or prepares it at home for the family.  It must be tender, flavorful, healthy, safe and nutritious.

Let us never lose sight of the fact that we as cattle producers are ultimately in the BEEF business.